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Wholesale Mail Order Wreaths GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!
There are 8 Wreath Styles to Choose from. 
Prices Include Freight in the Continental USA



  Quaker   $27.50

Quick Overview For Selling Wreaths

Promotional Information About Our Wreaths -

a -  all of our wreaths are fully decorated and packaged individually

b - all of our products are made from the most fragrant Balsam fir evergreens. Our wreaths come with instructions that tell the customer how to care for their wreath so it will last until Christmas and into the New Year, plus a hanger for easy display.

c - all of our products come with a 100 % guarantee. In the event a wreath arrives damaged or dries out en route; we will replace it free of charge. Your customers will be satisfied with the purchase and this develops good will in your community and fosters a long-term relationship with us. We have worked very hard to provide you with the very best evergreen Christmas decorations available anywhere.

Use the Color Pictures & Order Form to promote and sell the wreaths.  Begin your selling now, the months of October and November are the best times to sell wreaths as individual purchases, gift purchases, or group purchases (to show appreciation to employees or customers). Potential buyers include any of the following: relatives, neighbors, teachers, businesses, stock-brokers, insurance agencies, real estate firms, doctors offices, people at the grocery store, bank and gas station, etc. Also if your group has a listing of supporters or members, they would make excellent contacts.

Taking the Order 

The customer will provide their information: Name/Address/Phone. They will also need to provide the Name/Address/Phone for the recipient of the wreath (Because this is a gift ship to), along with a message to be included in the gift card at the bottom of the order form.   All orders must be accompanied by payment.  We will not process orders until paymnet is received.  We accept all forms, but ut us highly reccomended to supply us with a credit card on file

There are no additional Shipping Charges they are included in the price of each wreath. 

Overseas Military Bases

Except for cases of Priority Mailing there is an extra charge of $3.00 per wreath, and is required for those wreaths being delivered to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Overseas Military Bases (APO Boxes). Priority Mailing is also required to any customer with a P.O. Box, or a RR or RFD address.

North Pole Xmas Trees aims to provide the best Christmas wreaths in the country. We are glad you have chosen to partner with us, and hope you enjoy this unique experience of selling wreaths.  If you have any questions, please call us at 603 930 1291or E-Mail




  Olde Yankee   $32.50
  Bangor Blueberry   $37.50

North Pole Xmas Trees -  Tel. 800 613 8192, Fax. 800 240 0623 - MAIL: 280 East Dunstable Rd, Nashua NH, 03062

  Colonial Swag   $32.50
  Modern Swag  $29.99
  Appalachian   $32.50
  Brittanica   $37.50
  Farm Door   $24.99