Tree Care

Tree Care and Safety is the key to real tree enjoyment. The following safety and care tips for  your tree should help ensure a safe and happy holiday.

  1. When choosing your tree and checking for freshness, if you take a needle and it snaps when bent, the moisture level in your tree is good.
  2. One of the most important things to do is cut ½” off base of tree just before putting in water. When a tree is cut, if left for more than several hours without water, the tree will form a seal of sap around the base and at that time makes it impossible for the tree to take in water.
  3. If you do not intend on bringing your tree in as soon as you get it, if possible cut your base and store in a bucket of water in a cool place, out of sun and wind.
  4. Do not let your tree run out of water. One of the biggest problems is that once people put their tree into water, they don’t check it until the next day or so. The problem is that most people have very small water reservoirs for their trees and a tree will drink 65% of its water in the first week. A good rule of thumb is that for every 1″ of diameter, a tree will use a quart of water per day. For example, a 4″ diameter tree will use 1 gallon of water per day for the first several days.
  5. Do not put your tree over or near a direct heat source or over the cold air return on forced hot air as it will draw moisture away from the tree.
  6. Check all electrical cords and lighting. Discard any that are frayed or damaged. Do not use damaged lighting or cords on real or artificial trees.
  7. Do not use real candles on trees.
  8. We do not recommend candles to be used on brush or greenery

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